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Was asked for Amazon captcha this morning, but no captcha is being shown.  So after syncing just fine for months, Amazon has stopped syncing and I get a notification for Amazon captcha for every package from Amazon that was synced before this morning.
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SAME. I'm going to have to turn off notifications entirely until this gets resolved. With this popping up and my inability to actually doing anything with it is so irritating.
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I'm having the same issue after I had to reset my phone. I tried restoring a backup and it gave me an error message. When I tried to re-sync my Amazon account, I got the blank Captcha screen. I've emailed the developer and hope for an update soon.

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I am also getting this issue since this morning. Amazon syncing has been working great for months, but now it's broken. Something must of changed. Hopefully this is fixed soon.
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I experienced the same issue this morning and also sent a problem report. Hopefully there is a fix, as I can no longer access Amazon deliveries.
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