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Dear Admin,

Why Indonesia Post now using captcha?

Can you rollback to old procedure? new trace link didn't provide up-to-date information and not detail.
I hadn't to buy pro version if no detail information that i get.
Or please use old tracking site, because before update, it still running well..

Because  I check on Pos Indobesia website tracking, different with Deliveries app..

Thank you.

And now I delete latest version and re-install old version for this issue..
Old version still detect my purchased history and running better then latest version..
Hope you have times to rollback this courier and have time to reply me for the update release.. Thank you..
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thanks for letting me know about this!

When I implemented the captcha version for Post Indonesia, the old way didn't work anymore. Looks like they restored it so I will revert the changes in the next update.
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Thank you for your great support.

It's really hard to get version 4.7.5.
If old tracing was down, please don't use tracking from main site, but use http://ems.posindonesia.co.id/
Because main site not up-to-date for International Post. Thank you again.
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