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POST Luxembourg appear to have updated their website (trackandtrace.lu) and moved it back into their main domain:


They also re-designed the website, so the app may need to be adapted to be able to extract information from it. Here are some tracking numbers for you to play with:


The first two digits appear to be the year (e.g. 20 for 2020, 19 for 2019, ...)

(I also have some parcels in process of delivery. Contact me privately if you want those tracking numbers.)

Calls seem to be going to https://api.post.lu/services/trackandtrace-api/items with a JSON POST payload of tracking numbers: *removed*

The response looks like this:


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sorry for taking so long to get to this frown
You really helped with the detailed information, thank you very much for that!

PostLU will be fixed in the next update which I hope to be able to release soon.

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