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Amazon synchronization works well, and was able to retrieve delivery information about my package. However, while it retrieves the tracking id (8G…) and the provider (Colissimo), it doesn't switch to this provider information. Isn't it supposed to do that (I just acquired the paid version)?

A screenshot is available here (I even tried switching to English) with the parcel information.

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Thanks for the request!

In general, the app will add a partial delivery to the Amazon order and continue tracking using that information.

Unfortunately, this only works for natively supported couriers - which is not the case for Colissimo as the status messages on their website are encoded as images.
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I understand that, but why can't the application substitute "Colissimo" in this case by "La Poste (France)" (as it itself advises when adding a parcel manually)? It would make it easier to track deliveries from amazon.fr, which are mostly done by Colissimo.
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I had the same idea but noticed that in this case, your tracking ID only works on the Colissimo website and not on the La Poste one.
Is this different in most other cases or is it just the first status message that doesn't get displayed on both sites? If you tell me that it's better to map Amazon-Colissimo parcels to la Poste France instead, I'll change this in the next  update.
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Did you mistype it? Using "8G45777189596" on http://www.laposte.fr/particulier/outils/suivre-vos-envois works just fine for me, and I get a similar result in your application.
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Looks like I checked the wrong link. I'll change the Amazon detection accordingly in the next update.
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Thanks a lot. Don't hesitate to drop me an apk in the mail (sam@rfc1149.net) if you want me to test it.
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