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I really would like to see Australia Post added to the application. If you do,  I am willing to pay the subscription.

I understand it was removed because of a captcha. I also understand the API can be used if a account number is provided (which I currently hold). Are you able to design the application so that an Australia Post account number can be provided (then passed to the API calls) so that tracking can be recorded for Australia Post?

Look forward to your reply.

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Australia Posts own official app does tracking extremely well, added bonus if you have a parcel locker like i do (i live 40m from my parcel locker), it even throws up a QR code to scan at the parcel locker.

I used to use Deliveries for years, until they dropped AusPost, but the official AusPost app does way more than it ever did.

Give it a try

Plus getting an API key for Australia Post is beyond the scope for average users

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Sorry for not getting back to you earlier sad

I could create a separate Australia Post provider in the app that lets you enter your own API key. For that, I'd need access to your API key and a working tracking ID of a parcel you sent yourself. If you're willing to supply that and can help testing the integration, please send the details to deliveries@orrs.de.

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