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With IoT and automation becoming more mainstream, there is a huge opportunity to increase sales and revenue for Deliveries app by building integration with the Home Assistant app (https://www.home-assistant.io/).

Currently, only Aftership and 17Track have interfaces, neither of which cast any shade on Deliveries app.

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Thanks for your request!

Unfortunately, due to the technical difference of how my app works in contrast to the named competitors (everything runs on your own device instead of having third party servers grab the tracking details and push them to your device), I'm not sure if this can be done.

While I hate to say it, it is out of scope for the foreseeable future. Sorry! crying

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Could you possibly revisit this idea?

99% of the time the processing device in question (my Android phone) is connected to my WiFi, which also happens to be the same network that my Home Assistant server is running on.

With Home Assistant Cloud even external access is not only easy, but also rather secure since for that you don't even need to open ports in your network (which is utterly fantastic!).

Things can connect to my instance through the cloud without any fussing in the router thanks to it and I've already connected SmartThings, which runs over the internet in such a way, but also plenty of local items that aren't internet-aware themselves.
It's completely open.
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Perhaps this could be with with MQTT.

Rather than anything centralised, if the app could emit an MQTT event (if an MQTT server is configured) then it would be up to the user how they action this. Anyone looking for Home Assistant integration could then use the MQTT events to update statuses on HA.
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