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The app used to work flawlessly a few weeks ago. My orders would populate immediately after being placed on the website. New orders from around October 15 or so no longer automatically show and for every order I must manually insert the Amazon order ID into the app. Please advise. Thank you in advance.
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In the past it fixed for me by just browse and authenticate again my account for syncing to work again.

Now whatever I do will not sync with Amazon just saying successfully authenticated but no new orders even if I do have orders and have fetch automatically enabled and period is set to all.

Please any help to fix this. I tried on multiple devices and the results are the same.


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Thanks for your feedback.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure what could be causing this. You could try to re-add all your synchronization accounts at Settings->Synchronization (both Amazon and Google/Deliveries account if you're using the device sync).
Also make sure that the "Fetch automatically" option below your Amazon account is set to a reasonable value (like one week).
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Having the same exact issue. I tried re-adding and re-syncing my Amazon accounts and set "Fetch Automatically" to Last Week, but I keep getting Captcha messages after trying to sync.

Even tried installing app from scratch and still no luck getting Amazon to sync properly.
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I will bring a fix for the captcha message without a captcha image in the next update (so at least it will be manually refreshable), but I cannot promise that Amazon will stop asking for captchas after successfully solving them (a few times) :-(
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Same here.. negotiated a load of usa type of questions nightmare still not working uk I have to enter password each time I do a manual entry.. I just paid for a 1 year pro. But thus still hasn't been fixed since 2018.. money back please.
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I was able to fix this issue by going back to Settings > Synchronization > click on the Amazon.com account and select "Browser".

Re-entered my Amazon.com credentials to get the device approved and everything started syncing again properly.
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Thanks for that. I go there amazon.com (usa).. but I'm already signed in..?so can reenter..
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Yeah, just re-enter your Amazon.com (usa) account and it will ask for you to confirm via text message or pop-up an Amazon for verification. That's what worked for me.
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