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I have accounts with three Amazon branches - U, UK, Germany -, all set up with a rather complex password and 2FA. Until about 5-6 months ago Deliveries would fetch my orders automatically from them, then it stopped.

When trying to set  them up all anew in Deliveries I get a non-descript sync error and the accounts will not be saved.

Could it be Deliveries has problems with my Amazon passwords, all of which contain blanks?
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The current version is installed now but I cannot add my Amazon accounts. Deliveries tells me, my credentials are most likely wrong. The aren't.

On another device the accounts are still set up but do not sync. Alzo the most current version of Deliveries.

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I believe it is either Amazon has changed something with their API or a recent update to the app is causing the problem.

I just bought a new phone and trying to add my Amazon.ca account but I am constantly getting that my e-mail address is wrong even though it is not.
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New version was just pushed to my phone.  Amazon is working again.
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I too was having virtually all the same issues that you described. Overnight, 3/8-3/9 v5.7.13 was pushed to the Play Store and fortunately it did resolve just about every issue I was having.
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