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Be grateful there's actually been an update, it's probably just stuck in Google's approval process.

This isn't a life or death situation, your deliveries are still out there, so be patient.
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Update: 7.1.13 came down the pike and we're back in business.  Thanks for the good work, Oliver.
Fernando: "Be grateful"?  "Be patient"?  Please don't tell me how I should feel - you've not the right.  It's risky to assume one's emotional state based on two short sentences.  In this case, you're wrong: I'm neither ungrateful nor impatient, but you seem to've chosen to assess me as otherwise.  Cheers . . .
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Actually I have every right just like you have the right to ignore me - "you take offence, not give offence". Risky? Grow up snowflake.
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Some of you need to learn patience.
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I fully agree.

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