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Like everyone else, I've had Amazon issues the last week. But I saw that those have been fixed, so I re-installed the app, but now when I try to add my Amazon account back again, I'm having trouble getting past the security verification.

I add my Amazon account details, and then it fails, saying "No orders found, most likely you entered wrong login credentials", and then 5 seconds later I get a text from Amazon saying "Amazon: Sign-in attempt" and asking me to Approve or Deny.  I approve it, but the problem is the app thinks it was invalid and doesn't save the login info to be able to try again, so I have to initiate a new request, which then starts the never ending cycle of not being able to approve it fast enough.

Is it possible to have the app save the login credentials anyway, or keep trying to reconnect long enough to wait for me to approve the security request?

Note that I do NOT have 2-factor authentication enabled on my account.

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I too was having virtually all the same issues that you described. Overnight, 3/8-3/9 v5.7.13 was pushed to the Play Store and fortunately it did resolve just about every issue I was having.
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Thanks!  Yeah, I had updated to 5.7.13 but still having that security alert confirmation come up, where Amazon won't allow the app to login until I've approved the request, but the app gives up before I get the text message to verify the login.  And I'm not sure why I'm getting that, since I don't have 2-factor authentication enabled. I never had this issue when I first setup the app maybe a year ago - in hindsight now I really wish I hadn't uninstalled it and reinstalled it when I was trying to fix the Amazon problem a week ago, because then it would have saved my Amazon credentials.
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SOLVED - Ok for anyone that encounters this issue, I was able to fix it by ENABLING 2-factor authentication (which seems counter-intuitive), but when I did that, and then tried to login using the app, it prompted me this time for the verification code, and then connected!

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