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I want to chime in with a "Thank You" for the update. It's 7:25 here in Colorado, USA and I woke up to see the new update installed and new orders from Amazon.

I appreciate this application and time you put into it.  I understand you have a personal life and this comes when you have time.

Some people need to learn patience. Have a great day and look for a donation from me.

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Could not agree more and so glad it's back and running.
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I wholeheartely agree.  Thank you so much for the update!
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Yup, it's working perfectly now!

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Thank you for the update. Amazon synch is working back.

Your app is really great!
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Did you all have 2fa turned on?  This update seems to have broken 2fa with Amazon.
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I have 2fa turned on. However, to have it work again I did remove my Amazon account and add it again. I may have used the "browser" option when adding it again, not sure
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Thanks for the reply.  Took me about 20 tries, but finally got my amazon account added again.  But it's not fetching orders, even though I have it set for 2 weeks.

I've been a pro version user of this app for 6 years... I'm sure the dev will fix whatever is broken.  It seems to work for some people, but not everyone.
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If I remember well, once it worked again for me, the app never retrieved the orders created during the period it wasn't. I had to wait for a new order to realize it was working again
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