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When an Amazon parcel is tracked, the app uses the "Amazon Logistics" courier to retrieve the shipping details.

However, if the final delivery courier is not Amazon, the app should automatically change the courier to the proper one. This is because the tracking info provided on Amazon is not complete when using a third party courier, and much more info is available from the specific courier assigned.

As personal example: I live in Switzerland and thus I often buy goods from Amazon DE, FR and IT. In most of the cases (95%), Amazon relies on the local Swiss Post to deliver the parcel. This info is clearly visible in the tracking page of Amazon's website (courier: "SWISS" and relative tracking numer). However, your app doesn't sync the info from the local Swiss Post, and keeps syncing from Amazon. Since Amazon doesn't synchronize the shipping info with the Swiss Post (it only tells "the parcel is now in Switzerland" and "the parcel has been delivered"), so does your app. Therefore, for each parcel, once it enters Switzerland, I have to manually change the shipping courier to the Swiss Post and to update the tracking number to get the full list of tracking info.

Can you please make this step automatic, or leave it as an option ("use the third party courier tracking instead of the Amazon Logistic tracking")?
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Hello, any updates?
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Hello, any updates? Thank you
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Any updates? It still doesn't work...

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