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I have a weird issue wherein new Amazon orders are being pulled correctly in the first pull from my Amazon account but then no further updates. I don't see any error messages while syncing but the problem is the Amazon orders are not getting updated whereas other orders are getting updated
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Same exact thing here.  Used to work great last month or so?  Now, something prevents it from staying current.

One thing I've noticed is that something varies based on the account.  My significant other's account syncs, and has no issues with re-authorizing downloading data later.  My own account syncs initially and quickly loses its ability to be updated, within a day or so.
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Wonder what the common fact is, app version? Did Amazon do something within system?
I can say with previous app version I haven't had this problem..

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Same issue. Started all of a sudden after reinstalling app.
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Unfortunately there's been radio silence on this issue for months.  There's not been any commentary from the devs since late 2020, for a similar issue.  It doesn't seem like there's any fix on the way =(.
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So I found a solution that seems to work. I set up Amazon to use 2 factor authentication using the Google Authentication app. When I add Amazon to the Deliveries app I add the active authentication code to my password. So if the code was 123456 I'll enter "password123456" in the password field. For some reason this works and has continued to work for a few days.
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Excellent find.  I'll try this too.  I was trying this for the OTA 2fa response, but I found (obviously now) that only accepts the # digits and not the password.
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So far the existing deliveries are refreshing well.  But, finding it is not refreshing new orders.  @Mike Dorries Have you experienced this also?

EDIT: Realized I had been ignoring the "Fetch Automatically" option right on the synchronization options.  Important that option is turned on, otherwise it won't get new orders.  I activated it and will see how it responds.
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