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I have multiple Amazon.ca orders set up in the Deliveries app, and one through a different company.  The Amazon orders are coming via Intelcom Express and the other order is coming via Canada Post.  There are 6 total.  Four of the six Intelcom orders have been delivered and say as much on their website (using "show in browser" through the app) but no updates have been processed in the Deliveries app...nothing.  I've tried on wifi, on data, and I've tried clearing the cache.  Nothing.  Is the app not functioning properly for anyone else?
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Hang about.  This looks to be an Amazon issue and not one limited to a carrier. I think your post title is incorrect and misleading.
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This is broken for me too.

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This is not updating in the app for me, too. Intelcom changed their web tracking page design the week of June 7, and that's when Deliveries stopped synching with them. The new tracking page is significantly different, with a lot more graphics and "click for details," so I expect that fixing this will be more work than parsing the old web site.
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Did it stop working only for Amazon orders or for all shipments from all sources?
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I will fix this soon, sorry for the long wait!
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It's a general change to Intelcom's tracking web page generator, not specific to any consignor like Amazon.
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If you're ordering from Amazon does the application automatically add your Amazon orders?
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