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Hi, strangely after years I use this service, now I happened to receive a package with MBE (mail boxes etc) but, in the list of couriers unfortunately there is no. Is it possible to insert it please?

Thank you

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More details will be needed. Who is the merchant, what site did you purchase from and what is the link to track a package?
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Hi, sorry for omitted about its details ... the seller's website is this https://www.hausbrandt.it/, and the seller used this vector to ship: Express Courier - Standard MBE (SSE) Trackable from here https://www.mbe.it/it/tracking#. Although, in the end, the package arrived with "Poste Italiane".
I hope it is enough as information

Thanks again
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This is interesting.  It looks like UPS still has a stake in MBE but it's not clear.

Would you mind sharing the tracking number you received?   You can change some of the numbers if you desire.
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OK here is the tracking number with the latest figures changed, as suggested! 2875607037524
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13 character numeric.  That is not much to go on.
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Ok thanks anyway!
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I was hoping it might be a UPS type tracking ID. But as it is more research is needed.
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