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Thats my package: RS198902225NL.

You can check OK vía http://www.postnl.post/tracktrace


But can´t update from PostNL (error loading data) from Deliveries.

Thanks for fix in advance.

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thanks for the feedback.

Just to be sure: did you add a postcode while adding the delivery? If not, what language is your device set to?
My Device language is set to English US.
I did not add the postcode to my delivery,  because I already put it there in settings --> Default Values --> Post code.

I like my telephone to show the English language, but I live in the Netherlands.
Maybe that's the problem? The phone doesn't realize I live in the Netherlands, because I have an US English setup?
It worked perfectly fine couple of weeks ago.

Some Screenshots for you to clarify:
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I have the same problem with PostNL. A couple of weeks ago the app was running just fine.

Now when filling in my Tracking ID, the status will always be:

"No status information available yet"

When I use "Show in browser" The PostNL gives me an error in Dutch.

"Het land is niet ingevuld of gevonden." Which means: "The country isn't filled in or found."

When i press "Find my parcel" on the website, it works just fine.

Hopefully you could take a look at it.




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It's important that you remove the post code, if it's an international delivery. The app uses different tracking websites based on the format of the tracking ID and whether you set a postcode.

If you still find a shipment that doesn't work in the app, please send the tracking ID and (if needed) the postcode to deliveries@orrs.de so I can check what's wrong.
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Please disregard my last comment - I just checked your screenshots and it really doesn't work. PostNL changed that specific website so I'll need to update the app for it to work again. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Thanks a lot for taking a look at it.

Have a nice day
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