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Since today UPS tracking info is not updated anymore in the app. Could you please check/repair. Thank you!
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Now I see UPS is causing this problem, tracking directly through their website isn't possible as well.
Let's hope it's back soon, probably tracking info will get updated in Deliveries when UPS has fixed things

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Unfortunately, UPS just added a similar security mechanism as DHL (and still seems to work on major issues with it, as it only sporadically works on the website as well). I'm trying my best to get support back, but haven't found a solution yet sad

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Today UPS tracking website is working again, but Deliveries app still won't sync. Success finding the solution to get Deliveries sync with UPS again! Thank you for your support
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Thank you. Appreciate it if you post an update once you have it working. Thank you
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The old version started working for me again yesterday, so I'm unable to test anything else at the moment. Do you still have issues with UPS?
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Deliveries app started to sync UPS  tracking info again now they did reactivate their old versionHoping they don't change it again soon...
Thanks for your support, issue closed for now
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It started working for me as well. Thank you very much Oliver.
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