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Love the app, switched to pro version, still missing a couple of features found in other apps.
Saw them mentioned here and there, but not as a proper feature request.

1. Carrier automatic detection: useful if not standard provider, time saving if you do know the carrier.

2. With multiple carriers in different countries, and in particular main postal providers in the origin and destination countries, you rarely get full information unless you query both. If you auto-detect the carriers instead of manually selecting just one, this will provide the complete picture.

3. This one is a nice-to-have: supporting AliExpress order synchronization.


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1. This has already been raised here before you opened this question http://help.orrs.de/262/auto-carrier-detection

3. This has already been answered here before you opened this question http://help.orrs.de/95/aliexpress-package-adding?show=95#q95

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