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It just says "no orders found! Most likely you entered wrong login credentials."

I've checked that I did indeed type the correct email and password. I even signed out of amazon.com to confirm that I have the correct email and password.

Please help.
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I'd like to help but I am able to link accounts without issue. Make sure you have the current version.  Try this: delete the application, reboot your phone, install the current version and link your Amazon account.
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Do you have 2FA activated?  This is a very frustrating occurrence for many of us.  The issue is that the app only sometimes recognizes that Amazon is asking for two-factor authorization.  If it doesn't recognize Amazon is waiting for that, it will display that error.

Sometimes repeatedly removing and adding your Amazon account sync will spur the app to ask for the 2FA code.

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Try this to get your Amazon account to connect in sync.

Once you receive your security code through text, voice call, or authenticator app.

Enter the code at the end of your account password. For example, if password is "abcdef" and the security code received is "12345," enter "abcdef12345" as your password.
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