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For the past week or so, emails with tracking info sent to the token email address don't show up, apparently not getting processed.  I have a feeling you need to restart the smtp queue quite regularly.  This backlog seems to be a regular thing, then all at once, they get processed.  

Until this is fixed, I'm continuing to use faranow.com bc their email system works and also their auto detect service works nearly 99% of the time.

Hope this porbleM can be fixed soon, I've grown accustomed to using your android app.



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thanks for the feedback!

Unfortunately, I forgot to properly activate the service again after switching to a new server. On top of that, it didn't work at all on the new hardware which should be fixed now. All remaining mails have been handled now. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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Thanks so much for the reply.  I just found a ton of messages from deliveries in my spam folder.  Guess gmail/google apps sees them as spam.  

Take care
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