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I'ts been a few days that DHL Express International and DHL eCommerce tracking numbers do not update anymore. Anytime I try to update it I get a mini web browser windows of DHL webstire saying "your request is being processed" and a countdown to 0 which eventually gets to 0 and nothing happens, No information updated. Even when I force close the app, delete cache, it does not extract the tracking info into the app.

Anyone else getting this same problem?
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I am also experiencing an issue with the app unable to retrieve any tracking data for a valid Waybill number for the courier DHL Express International.
I can clearly view tracking data using the dhl.com (track: express) website.

I am on Deliveries version: 5.7.14

UPDATE [25/Oct/2021] 22:53 - After a few hours from creation of new delivery item in app, and leaving this item saved in a pending state, and with no tracking details, and still set to the courier type DHL Express International, the app finally returned the tracking details.

Not sure why obtaining the tracking info was delayed for a few hours in appearing in the app automatically in the first place. Strange. Patience does it in this instance it seems.
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I have faced this issue as well. I ended up using dhl e-commerce instead of dhl express international
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Thanks! It works, just switching to DHL ecommerce does the trick.

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Maybe this was already fixed on a recent update. I'm following shipment from DHL Express International and it's working. I'm on version 5.7.14
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