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I recently got a new phone (Pixel 6 Pro running Android 12) and when I click on a link to UPS/FedEx/USPS for a package, the app used to intercept the link and open it in the app, but that isn't happening.

Is this a setting I need to change or did Android 12 impact this feature?
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Having the same issue, but I have NOT gotten a new phone. Think it has been since I upgraded to Android 12. pixel 3 here

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Thanks for your feedback!

Unfortunately, Android 12 has made some drastic changes to link handling. To my understanding, they completely removed the "Open with..." app chooser for web links and instead require either that the app is verified for the domain (which is impossible for me as a third party) or manual verification by the app user.

While I will enable users to manually verify the app for opening links, it currently looks like there will be more than 600 checkboxes for you to click one-by-one (i.e. no "enable all" option). And if you only want to do this for specific couriers, the list of links to choose from gets shuffled, so it's not even sorted alphabetically forcing you to actually go through all 600+ entries in a rather small dialog.


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Thank you for responding and yeah, that sucks.  Still will use the app, just have one more step.

If I wanted to enable specific domains, how would I verify them?
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I'm having the opposite issue.  I have the option to open supported links in the app turned off, yet it will always intercept any tracking link I click on via a web browser or email.  I don't want it to intercept them.
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