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I have noticed this issue happens every time I get a new phone and usually I tinker with it enough for it to go away.  Since swapping to my Pixel 6 Pro, I can't seem to fix it.

With that background, here's the situation.  I use Amazon synchronization and have two factor authentication enabled and can get things synching fine...for a while.  After a few days, the syncing seems to just stop.  No prompt for logging in, no prompts for logging back in, etc.  I have "trust this browser" enabled with 2FA for everything as well. Sometimes, I can login into the browser in the Deliveries app and it seems to go away.  But then sometimes, the only way to fix it is to completely remove my Amazon synchronization and re-add it. Usually after a couple of tries it works again.  And then a few days later the cycle repeats once again.

During troubleshooting, I usually clear storage/cache/uninstall the app, etc.  I do also use my Google account to sync to the Deliveries website as well, just to give some additional info on this too.
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I'm having the same issue. I had to remove and then re-add Amazon for synchronization. Then it'll work for maybe half a day or so.
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Came here looking for answers to the same problem. Pixel 6. I have the same sync issues with Amazon 2 factor.   It's such a shame because this is a really useful app, but if it doesn't sync up with Amazon, it's pretty much a deal breaker for me.

Maybe the dev will read this and take a look to figure out  how to make his  Amazon sync functional again.
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Exact same issue on my pixel 6.

I love this app but I won't re-enter my credentials every 2 days for long. It would be great to hear that at least someone is looking into the issue

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This is the issue that stopped me from continuing subscription. Actually, it was the complete lack of action on this issue that resulted in the termination. I can deal with issues occuring, I can't deal with radio silence on how they are being addressed.

Even if Amazon did something that permanently breaks integration, I could accept having an email submission that I could automate, similar to services like 17Track.net.
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