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Would you consider updating the app to support GCM push messaging rather than having the user specify a polling interval in the app settings?  I'd think battery usage would be less and we'd get notifications sooner.

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thanks for the request!

While I understand that this would be an improvement in regards of battery usage, the way I retrieve the actual tracking information doesn't really allow me to do it like you suggested.

In order for "real" push messages to be delivered to your device, my server would need to perform all the refreshing work instead. For me, there are some major points that prevent me from considering it:

  • user privacy as all tracking IDs and status messages would have to run through my server
  • possible legal implications as it could be interpreted that I'd be actively retrieving your personal information from other companies
  • technical implications as there would be loads of requests from my server IP probably leading to many couriers blocking it completely in no time
  • it wouldn't work for all couriers, as there's no way I would store user credentials e.g. for Amazon on my server

I know that there are some companies that managed to acommplish this but I believe that they have a completely different infrastructure and more developers.

Thanks for your understanding!

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