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Actually won't sync with ebay OR website, etc

I have unlinked an re-linked my google account.  I do NOT have a separate login for my deliveries account.  I use google.  The ebay delivery is showing online (pc) but NOTHING is showing up on phone.  I have unlinked google account and re-linked.  I have unlinked ebay account and re-linked, and still no delivery  do I have to uninstall and reinstall for the damn thing to work????

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Could you please send the email address of your Google account to deliveries@orrs.de so I can take a proper look at it? In general, your situation is extremely confusing as the website will never access your eBay account - thus the phone must have pushed the eBay order to the synchronization service but that would require it to actually be on the device.

Please also post the link to the website you are using to access your deliveries online (PC) so we can be sure that it's the one related to my app.
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Ok. karenveduslmft@buildingbetterbonds.com
I tried that one and karenvedus@gmail.com (the one associated with my phone apps).  Also, I am of course on your website that is synchronized to my phone.  Also, this has worked FINE until recent update, as per usual.
I just made a purchase on ebay yesterday.  An old purchase that was delivered last week (!) just showed up.
So, NO ebay sync, no notsification of deliveries, and no updating!!! All since update app. 2 weeks ago.
I AM NOT doing anything differently than I have been for the past few months!
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