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ACS (Greece) API website has changed, thus breaking Deliveries fetching new data from it.

Specifically new CORS protection was added and a token header (x-encrypted) is used which expires after a couple minutes.

I have not checked further on how to resolve it, maybe as a last resort, you could load the full website in webdriver with JS enabled and scrape the information from there.

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Thanks for the detailed feedback! I'll fix ACS in the next update, sorry for the inconvenience.
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Thank you!
Seems like ACS partially reverted the changes or allow some (random?) requests without authentication?
When trying to refresh manually it does not work, although sometime during the day, sync works and I get notified about new updates.
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Thanks for the further feedback. Did you already get the update to v5.7.20? (It's currently in beta / staged rollout) If not: I hope that it will reliably fix it and will probably release it for everyone very soon.
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I'm currently in 5.7.19 although I'm glad to hear that you figured out a workaround and released it so fast, I'm eager to try it out :)
Thanks again.
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