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Greek ELTA and ELTA Courier stopped to work in the app one day now. I mentioned changes on their websites too. Tracking codes are working on the website but not in "Deliveries" any more. Could you please take a look at that.

Here is an working tracking code : ri305278196cn which could be useful.

Thank you very much in advance.

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thanks for letting me know about the issue! I'll fix it in the next update but that might take a while as I'm extremely busy and there are some other things to fix before I can release it.

Sorry for the inconvenience!
P.S. Maybe it's useful to know that "Greek" version of ELTA website tracking is working (tracking) normally while "English" doesn't. ELTA Courier is working in both versions. They changed website template but as is it seems they changed tracking URL too. Thanks.
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Confirm. Elta and Elta Courier stopped to work....please if you can fix it...thanks. Or upload a previous version of app to working...well
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