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I've also downloaded other apps that automatically recognize,  retrieve and export tracking numbers from my emails Or I can forward the shipping confirmation email to an email address and within a minute or 2, it is automatically added to Deliveries. This makes it so much easier to track anything I buy from any site versus just amazon and eBay with your pro version. Thanks. I am currently using 2 package trackers and have ultimately downloaded about 6 altogether.  your app is always the first to give me a status update which I love! ;-) So right now, in addition to your app, I'm using another app because I can forward emails to them. So I'm using 2 apps for different reasons.

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thanks for the request and sorry for not getting back to you earlier.

Owners of the pro version can head to http://deliveries.orrs.de/sync/ and get their "email token" at the top right after logging in.

While this email can be used to forward your shipping confirmations to, it is in no way perfect and mostly requires an actual link to the tracking results to be included in the email.
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