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I had a couple of shipments tracking nicely via the app, and then on Friday there were suddenly no status updates anymore. When opening the tracking in the browser, Cainiao showed more progress than the app. But the website also looked "newer", design-wise.

Anyways, did they maybe change their API and broke it for the app?
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I'm finding the same thing. Show in browser will show more info than available in the app. I've found all my packages are no longer updating so seems something has become unlinked with the update.
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Same problem
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Same problem: Cainiao is problably the courier most used by whom buys on Aliexpress.
I'm a little concerned: this doesn't work since the beginning of september and there is no update since the beginning of june...

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I am experiencing the same problem. :(
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Noticed the same thing. Updates are very slow for this app so maybe it's time to look around for something else?
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I've the same issue for a few months. Very rustrating to don't see any updates to Deliveries for a long time now. Hopefuly it won't take long anymore for a fix.
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My cainiao tracking it's not even working for a few days now

Can anyone check and address this?
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I also have this problem for some months already. Hopefully it will be solved soon because this one cripples the functionality a lot.

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Sorry for the unacceptably long wait, I'm working hard to get an update out for this.
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Any joy with this issue?
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Seems to work fine again with v5.7.22, which was recently released.

Now it seems broken again...

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