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Hi I just downloaded your app deliveries app of the play store, I entered the tracking number of my package, all was working fine and sync was all good, so I updated it to the pro version because I love this app, after update to pro all was still working but yesterday I decided to check the progress of my package, everything it showed before is all gone and it keeps failing to synchronize to get updates and history of my package, so I downloaded the same app on my mum phone just to see if it works but not to any success, not working either, can yo ASAP and help fix this problem and to try help to make the synchronize to work again so it can bring up all the details and history of the progress of my package like a couple of days ago when it was working?. Thank you and I be waiting for your reply ASAP, my email is itachihak@gmail.com and my name is Rom. Thank you and I be waiting for your reply to

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Thanks for the feedback!

Could you please send the tracking ID and courier name in question to deliveries@orrs.de so I can check what's wrong? Sorry for the inconvenience!
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