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I purchased the pro version thru Google play back on 11/10/2014 (order number in the email confirmation is  12999763169054705758.1340477688697932)

I frequently flash ROMs and restore apps with titanium backup, resetting my phone ID to the previous one every time in order to not lose app specific data. Just noticed that Deliveries is not set in pro mode despite the purchase. Any suggestions?

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Thanks for the request.

In general, the license is bound to your Google account so it should restore just fine if you configured the device with the same Google account. Please make sure that Google Play and the Google Play services are properly set up on your device.

After that, just hit the "Buy pro version" button and choose Google Play. The dialog should just disappear and the pro version should be enabled again. If you get a Google Play styled dialog asking you for a payment instead, please let me know.
asked Feb 19, 2015 in Other by anonymous Went from Pro to the free version
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