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When I try to update the info using china post, it isn't working, I just see "error loading data" and no tracking info is shown. Same issue with sao.cn, what's happening?

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China Post changed their tracking website so it currently does not work within the app (as well as on many other third party tracking websites). I'm still looking into applying this change to the app.

Sao.cn seemed to have major server issues over many weeks. Today, their tracking system worked fine for me again - even if it's just as slow as before ;)

Sorry for the inconvenience!
I'm still having the same issue with sao.cn and China post, both are showing "Error loading data!".
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All the China post tracking info is in Chinese now, so I can't read any of it.
IIRC it used to be in English in the app.
Is it possible to change the app to give the tracking info in English?
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Unfortunately, the official China Post website doesn't supply English information anymore.

While somewhat inconvenient, there's a shortcut in the app to receive a translation for each status message by pressing on the timestamp next to it and choosing "Translate".
Having Google Translate installed will work a little better than the website in my experience: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.translate
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Thanks for the reply.
How about using this website for tracking China Post in the app then?
This gives all the tracking info in English.

Can I install a tracking tool for my own website in order to help my customers? http://track-chinapost.com/?p=593

"About us

Track-ChinaPost.com provides free one-stop online English tracking service for customers who get their parcels shipped by China Post register Mail, China Post Express Mail(EMS),Hong Kong Post Register Mail,Singapore Post Register Airmail and eBay ePacket(EMS+USPS).

All our tracking data comes from China Post official database and is automatically translated by our computer system. As this is a free service,..."
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Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. Unfortunately, it's a third party service supported by ads so I cannot incorporate their results. The only possibility would be to add them as a non-native provider but I'm not sure if that would be desirable.
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