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This morning the app (Version 5.7.22 (1956)) was saying it had lost sync with Google. I did the normal thing to go to Settings->Synchronization and clicked on Connect with Google account. That made the title bar go black briefly but did NOT link to my Google account.

I have since power cycled my phone. No change in behaviour. I have uninstalled the app and power cycled the phone and reinstalled the app. I still cannot connect to my Google account.

My phone has no problems accessing my Google account for photos, gmail, wallet, passwords etc. I have not made any changes to my Google account userid(email) or password in many months. I did not install any new apps this past week, and had not updated any apps until AFTER this problem surfaced today.

Any suggestions on what I can do? Right now Deliveries is not syncing to Google, which I would like it to do, and I have lost my current list of about 20 in-transit packages.

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I am having the same issue, I'm guessing something changed on Google's end, or something may have expired? Either way, it doesn't seem like something users can fix.
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idem, I have the same issue

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