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  • App Version: 5.7.22 (1956)
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I'm using the app to track a package sent from Germany using DHL.

I chose the option "DHL" from Provider List and added my postal code.

The app is unable to show any tracking status messages.

If I use the 'Show in Browser' option from the app menu, it shows all tracking updates.

The DHL website is opened directly. I don't need to manually paste the tracking number and I don't notice any Captcha or similar challenge to check for bots.

The shipment is still en route, so I'm not comfortable to share the tracking number publicly, but I'm happy to provided privately to the developer. Otherwise, as soon as I receive my package I can update this post if this is required.


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Had the same problem. You need to choose "DHL Express International", then it works for me.
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Thanks for your reply.
I just tested this and on the first attempt it showed the Loading pop-up (I assume it's trying to scrape DHL tracking info) but it didn't populate the app with the delivery status. I'm not 100% sure but I think I also tested this courier option before.

After refreshing the app a couple of times (pull-to-refresh) it was able to show delivery messages for the tracking number.

It seems that sometimes, even if the app opens DHL tracking page, it's not able to populate the messages correctly on the app.
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