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UPS no longer syncs. Error loading data.  Please fix!
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Before you post about an issue, take a minute to see if the issue has been reported. And then, learn how to report issues with applications,

How can anyone answer your question since you didn't post the simplest data.
First, you didn't state any details about the delivery. Where the items were purchased, what carrier delivered the items, and what country you are in.
Second, failed to post the details about the phone and Android version , and the version number of the application.  And do not dare say, 'the latest version.'

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Developer is aware of the issue. He posted this in another thread with that same question:

I'm actively working on this, but cannot promise anything nor give an ETA.

There's a high chance I will need to (temporarily) remove native support for UPS and only display their website in the app, as I already sunk 3 full work days into it and didn't find a solution.

I'm also re-evaluating their API usage restrictions in hopes that I can use it, but at the very least that would require me to tunnel all UPS requests through my own server and I'm not sure how much it can handle indecision

Sorry for the inconvenience and wait!

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Wow. Thanks, buddy. Super helpful. The developer was able to respond quickly, but your snarky BS must make you feel like a really special boy.
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The very same post you would have found yourself if you took 30 seconds to actually look.

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Nevermind don't want the basement dwellers to get their panties in a bunch.
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Would be happy to provide you with some proxies to test. Really would like native UPS tracking to come back into Deliveries!

UPS tracking site is really slow and sometimes they delete tracking entries
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