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I've been using Deliveries for years on my Android phone and on my Chromebook. Synchronization, logged in through Google, has always worked fine - until a few days ago.

Now, when I try to synchronize on my Chromebook, I get an error message "Google Sync failed! Please reconfigure your account." But when I go to Settings > Synchronization, the Synchronization switch is greyed out, and when I click on the Google button to try to reconfigure, the app blinks but nothing else happens. (Note: now I'm getting "Unknown Sync failed!")

Synchronization still works fine on my Android phone, which also uses my Google account for synchronizing.

How do I fix this? Do I have to create a Deliveries account and switch both apps to use that? And if I do, is there any way to preserve my data?

Thanks in advance for any assistance!
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I wish I could thank someone for their help, but unfortunately I didn't get any. I went ahead and followed my own theoretical fix. I created a Deliveries account and switched both the Chromebook app and the Android phone app to it. Synchronization automatically preserved my data.

So for now, it's all working correctly for me again. But it does appear that there is a bug in the Deliveries app when it's running on a Chromebook - and it's a new bug, since, as I mentioned, I've been using the Deliveries app on that and older Chromebooks for many years.

I'm grateful for the app, and glad to have it working again.

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