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Amazon order specific:

Some orders are multi-package shipments, and Deliveries shows them in tabs. The tabs are hard to make sense of, and it seems like some of the stuff is funneling to the wrong tabs. In the attachments, I have one Amazon order that is two packages with very different delivery dates, and you can see how stuff comingles and is confusing to read. I'm guessing you're pulling things in by Amazon order number, and these are indeed for the same order number. But, in the interest of getting package tracking updates, it seems it would make sense to separate them into distinct entries in your app. They have two different Amazon tracking numbers.

General tracking suggestion:

I would find the tracking status easier to read through if, once you open a an item, the status updates were in reverse chronological order, with the newest update being at the top of the screen. Otherwise, it takes a lot of scrolling to get to the latest update on things.


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Go to Settings, General and set "Sort direction" to descending.

I suggest you spend some time reading through the Settings as there are lot of changes you make.
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I had these settings initially:

Sort deliveries -> By expected delivery date

Sort direction -> Ascending

...thinking the latter setting drove the main delivery list screen, and not the stuff inside once you open a particular delivery.

Changing the Sort direction to Descending seems to have solved that problem for me, thanks!
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