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I'm sure I'll get skewered for asking this, but it's the elephant in the room  (and yes, I have followed all the threads and history on this topic.)

Will Deliveries support UPS tracking again?  And if yes, a rough timeline?

I have tested out multiple other apps and services.  There are good ones out there, but none have the collective set of functionality that does Deliveries.  I paid for the Pro version many years ago. Even so, I'd be willing to pay a small annual fee on top of that.  It's not perfect, but it is the best.  There has always been one feature missing that really wanted, automatic recognition of carrier based on the tracking #.  A number of other apps do this.  But that feature was one I was fine not having because it did everything else.

With no UPS tracking though, I'm now using multiple apps and ones that in all honesty I don't fully trust with my data.  I really hope this can be resolved.

Thank you.
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I'm in the same boat, the other trackers I've tried just don't stack up to this one, but without reliable UPS (and FedEx) support the app only covers a small portion of my deliveries.

It would be very nice to at least know definitively if this is an active priority or if I should move on.

I would absolutely be willing to pay a small extra monthly fee for UPS support because I realize API access is not free, if it were an option.
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Same here. Without being able to see my FedEx and UPS shipments, this app is only really good for Amazon, eBay and USPS. I too would like to see the auto carrier by number feature in the future. I would also like to be able to scan my outgoing shipment tracking bar codes and import them to Deliveries.
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Seconding this. I absolutely love this app, would be more than happy to pay a considerable monthly fee for the functionality of ups FedEx and Amazon specifically.
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I'd gladly subscribe for a yearly fee if it meant full support for both UPS and FedEx comes back.

Automatic carrier recognition as mentioned in the OP would be a welcomed addition as well.

I'm afraid that without a change soon I'll have to find another way to track my packages because the experience is significantly degraded at the moment.
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With the UPS 3rd party API not available, I wonder if the developer can implement a fix like the one done for FedEx?

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