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Recently a change was made to fix support for PostNL, who had added a required country field (with no default fall back, even though most of the packages are within the Netherlands, I sent them a few emails about that but no response). The fix works great, but I have to manually set it each time, which is a pain.

A few ideas to improve on this:

  • Remember the last used value - most of the time, you're shipping things to the same country, so it will be correct most of the time
  • Add a setting in the default values category for it - see reasoning above
  • Change it to match the courier selection system; a searchable select box, with the ability to reduce the number of entries shown in the settings, since most people will at most have a handful of countries they regularly send to anyway
  • More advanced: if package is incoming, chances are that it's coming to the country you're in now, so perhaps the location of the device can play a role in this

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