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Try pressing the menu key if you have one - there chose settings.
Developer Should add "settings" to the slidein navigation.
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This is on the ToDo list. Unfortunately, with Googles implementation, if you have shipments from lots of different couriers, you'll need to scroll thourgh the drawer for ages to reach the settings button (it becomes a very large list). Thus, I don't think removing it from the overflow menu is a good idea.
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If you want to automatically import your Amazon / eBay orders (pro version only), please follow these instructions: http://help.orrs.de/3/how-do-configure-the-automatic-synchronization-with-amazon

If you want to synchronize the deliveries in your app with other devices, you can create the account by going to Settings -> Synchronization and choosing either a Google account (will register automatically) or a Deliveries account which will ask you for a username and password to register with.
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