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Hi Oliver,

I am not sure if Skynet or Skynet International is the same with Skynet Malaysia. If it's not the same, would be so kind to add it to the list?

So far, the current ones has this URL:

Skynet: http://www.crossroads.co.za/tracking2/tracking.aspx?wb=238157584361&type=way&suser=webuser#

Skynet International: https://iskynettrack.skynetwwe.info/ShipmentTrackSingle.aspx?textfield=238157584361&radiobutton=SB


Skynet Malaysia

Tracking page: http://www.courierworld.com/scripts/webcourier1.dll/TrackingResultwoheader?type=4&nid=1

Thank you for your kind understanding

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I'll add SkyNet Malaysia in the next update, sorry for the long wait!
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