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Hi, the International Parcel Tracking for PostNL is not working in Deliveries (the Domestic service is working). I have a working tracking number from Netherlands to Spain if is needed.

The "native" web service is https://www.internationalparceltracking.com and the info needed to track the parcel is: 1)Tracking code; 2)Destination country; 3)Destination postal code

It would be interesting to add this service to Deliveries.


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Thanks for the request.

In many cases, the app already uses the tracking service you mentioned. For tracking IDs which start with "R", http://postnl.post is used instead which yields different results.

As this doesn't seem to supply complete tracking results anymore, starting with the next update, I will combine the status messages of both websites for such tracking IDs.
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With the last update, the service works perfectly, thanks!!! ;)
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With the current build this is broken. While postcode is optional, you do get the error message that: "the carrier requires a postcode", while that's not really the case with postnl.post api's. Please fix soon. Thanks in advance!
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While I do require a postcode for such shipments, it's not used for shipments that would be tracked via postnl.post. It's either like this or making two PostNL courier entries and requiring the user to decide which is the right one.

If you have a non-working tracking ID with the current system, please supply all relevant information (including postcode and target country) to deliveries@orrs.de so I can figure out what needs to be changed.
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