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I already configured the eBay sync but I recently made a purchase on ebay, the item was marked as shipped and I don't see the purchase on the list, why?

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Did you follow all of there steps? http://help.orrs.de/5/how-do-i-configure-the-automatic-synchronization-with-ebay

Especially the part about the time frame.

Also, new orders are only added on a full refresh (either if you have the background notifications activated or by pressing the refresh all button in the main list).
Yes, yesterday I did everything that you said and choosed "1 month" time frame, and after adding the ebay account the app asks if I want to add the pending deliveries, which I selected to syncronize all of them. But, for instance, today I bought 2 different items on ebay and I still don't see them in the app's listing. I refresh the deliveries and nothing new is added in it.
I just disabled the sync with Amazon, performed the sync and now I see the 2 new "eBay" purchases, I think the Amazon sync was the one causing the issue...
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