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There is an option to delete completed deliveries after a selectable time, or never.  I'd like to be able to retain them, but not have them checked/refreshed as ongoing history--the clock stops for them, as such.  As required, they could be manually deleted, as required etc.

I am new to the product, but on initial testing, paid for the Pro version, after upgrading to a later android device, that didn't support the one I had used for years.  Maybe the delete option, actually retains, but I didn't wish to delete the ones I had already tested with.  

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It seems to me that when I mark an item as “completed“ (“Mark completed” menu item)

it's data is no longer refreshed or checked.  It moves off the active list
As I am new to the app,  I was not aware of the need to manually mark completed--previous app I used, was automatic.   Thank you.
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