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I never use this as I am very reluctant to provide the info others could potentially abuse. Paid/Pro user

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first of all sorry for not getting back to you earlier.

Generally, no login information is sent to a any third party (including me and the device synchronization). They will only leave your device while communicating with the Amazon servers.
The username and password are encrypted and saved on your device so you do not need to enter it on every refresh. The app uses this information while refreshing status messages and checking for new orders, imitating the procedure that you would perform with your browser, logging into the Amazon website (via a secure HTTPS connection).
Thus, it's about as safe as checking the order status in your mobile browser, storing the password locally (not syncing it like e.g. the Chrome password sync feature).

I know that this requires a leap of faith, but due to Amazons stance on making available order data to third party applications, this is as good as it gets.
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So, I've been reluctant to use the app to track Amazon packages due to security concerns. Today I decided to to try it out. I got a security alert from Amazon about a login from a ChromeOS device located in California. I used the app on 2 Android devices which were located in Georgia. If the logins came from a different device located in California, it sounds like the login info was passed to a remote location. Can you explain why this happened?
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Thanks for your feedback.
With Amazon, all connections are performed directly on your device. I only own a small server in Germany (this website runs on it) and do not use any cloud services for the app.

The only explanation I can come up with is that Amazon locates your request via your IP address. Here in Germany, that method usually isn't very reliable, especially if you're on a mobile connection.
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