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Hi dear
Your application is so much beautiful but it has three problems for me
1- Tracking on china post gives tracking information by sa.cn language not English so that i can't understand
2_ some sites does not provide always update for tracking ( like Singapore post )
3- some sites needs capatcha that makes tracking very bad
I think all of these issues can be solved if u offer tracking by 17TRACK website
Good day

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Thanks for the feedback!

Unfortunately, 17track is a third party website financed by ads and a service pretty similar to mine. Thus, I'm not allowed to use their results and solely rely on the official courier websites (and by that being forced to require a captcha for some).
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You can try and contact them and see what they say ?

This is from their FAQ:
Unfortunately, we currently don't offer our API for public use.

If you are in need of it, please contact our staff directly via email to discuss potential cooperation.

(Note: mark the email title as "API Inquiry")

Thank you!

Ref: https://help.17track.net/hc/en-us/articles/235261928-Does-17TRACK-have-API-
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