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First off, thank you SO much for this fantastic app that aside from this single issue I have, is simply brilliant. It should undoubtedly be a featured app in the app store!

so, using the Android version (if there are others), I have this issue where after having made a multi-item purchase through eBay w/tracking, I'm unable to combine, hide or remove the double entries, even now they have long completed. When I do attempt to remove them, they will automatically re-appear.

When I go to the completed tab, and scroll through, it's also when those entries appear the app starts lagging.

Now I have a couple solutions to the issue, which would all work for me:
- (auto-)combine orders --- this would probably be the best solution, as it will rid/hide the double entries.
- permanently remove orders --- this could also be a good option, as the only thing I'd have to do is update the title for the remaining item in the order
- hide orders --- perhaps a useful feature in general.

Thank you for your hard work:) I hope you will take my suggestions into account!

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