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I'm having problems updating my packages. Those from China Post are getting updates errors (from sao.cn).

Any package from Brazilian Post also doesn't get tracking info, but it simply doesn't show any movements, I don't get any error message.

Suggestion: the Correios (Brazilian Post Office) have a better way to track the packages that the one I thing you are using. I think that you're using from this web form: http://www2.correios.com.br/eng/sys/trackingTrace/default.cfm

But the following one is better, I think, and it gives more detailed information:


(and if you change "?P_LINGUA" to 001 the results will come in portuguese)

Please solve these issues and analyze my suggestion if possible. Thank you!

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Exactly same issue here. Noticed some other parcel tracking apps released updates yesterday, due to changes brazilian Correios made to theirs tracking service. Right now our updates are unavailable.
Thanks in advance for fixing it soon!
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Thanks for the feedback!

I'll fix the isssue in the next update. Please note though that I will stick to the current website because at least in my tests it yielded better (and English) results.

If you find different tracking IDs that work better on your proposed website, please send them to deliveries@orrs.de so we can evaluate if a change really is necessary.
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As for sao.cn, it seems that their website is still down so there's nothing I can do about it as I'm not affiliated with them. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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This websro.correios.com.br link that I suggested is working for years now.  AFAIK, they never changed the way it checks a package tracking number, so probably it won't give problems in the future. But if you don't wanna to replace one for the other, maybe if you add the one I suggested, so users could choose between Correios 1 and Correios 2, so if one stops working, the other may not.

Thanks for the answer!
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I have a same problem
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