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The entry "En route to DHL eCommerce" is registering hundreds of times repeatedly, apparently every single time the app updates. At DHL's website this entry appears only once. What's up with this?


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thanks for the feedback!

Could you please send the tracking ID in question to deliveries@orrsde so I can take a proper look at it?
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Thanks for letting me know. I looked at it and noticed that DHL seems to just use the current time for the status message when you open the website. I'll make the app notice this starting the the next update so you do not receive a notifiation on each refresh.

On a related note, I think the status of your particular package means that DHL hasn't actually received your parcel from the sender yet?! I'm not related to them so I recommend contacting their customer support about it if you're unsure. You can find them on the tracking website ("Contact customer support" button): http://webtrack.dhlglobalmail.com/?trackingnumber=GM605115773000047013
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