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Amazon Orders not loading or updating. Repeated captcha challenges - correctly solved each time. Not using 2 factor authentication.

03/31/16 - *Update*: Temporary Workaround:  I have restored the previous version (v5.03) - and all Amazon functionality working again (for me).

08/02/16 - *Update*: It's  back to not working. Exactly the same problem
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Thanks for posting! Hoping the developer will be able to fix the problem. I really love the app.
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Where do you actually configure 2 factor authorization?

We're told to disable it without any hint where.
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The guy who responded below got it yesterday. Google's rollout mechanism is really weird. :-/ Hope you're getting yours soon as well!
I am the guy that reply below...I replied to the main thread so other people would get notified. But than also reply to some individual comments because so many people were frustrated by the problem.

In my other comment I was talking about obsessing over checking package updates all the time. I checked a couple packages that I'm waiting on and there were no new status updates on their locations. So I was saying I would go refresh the package status again in 30 seconds...like anything would change in the last 30 seconds :D
Ahhhh, OK. Duh! I didn't check the username :(

I only check every 2h at the moment since I usually have a very long list of deliveries which takes forever to synchronize and uses a lot of battery. I wished he would finally implement multi-threaded syncs, sometimes it takes a couple of minutes.
Or even better just Push Message to your device when there is a status change than our phones wouldn't have to keep connecting to the servers using battery and possibly data. The Fedex, UPS and USPS apps work that way, if there's any updates they automatically post on the app and the updates are there when you open the app. But those apps don't offer any kind of alert.

What I like about Deliveries is the ability to use an alert when there's an update. And when I end up having an online shopping spree it's frustrating having packages spread across different apps for different carriers.
I think that for push you would need some kind of middleman that can connect to your phone or a constant connection to the provider the app can listen on. Not that easy with hundreds of postal services.

I like deliveries because it has Amazon support. Other apps do similar things, but the ones I have checked don't support Amazon.
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My phone received an update to the Deliveries app today 3.29.2016 5pm Pacific Time. I have a Note 3 with TMobile. First thing I tried after the update was adding my Amazon account and it worked great and no Captcha windows popped up. Had a delivery couple days ago from Amazon and a window popped up to add the delivery to my list.
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